Loft Conversion Dorking

A lack of space is one of the chief things that most homeowners would change about their property. Whether its for some more storage space, for additional bedroom or living space or simply for recreational areas, improving your home with a loft conversion is a great to both improve your property to live in as well as adding real value for a potential sale in the future. As specialists in loft conversions throughout London and the Surrey area, we’ve helped many homeowners do just this.

Some of the stumbling blocks that many will encounter when looking to bring some more space to their house through a conversion are planning permission and bureaucracy, which in some cases can cause complications. Fortunately, we’re on hand to advise about this process to make sure you get the best outcome and the process can be as straight forward as possible. We operate in Dorking and across an area which is a prime region for building opportunity with additional space adding real value to your property.

Because space is at such a premium in the area, most don’t have the space on their property to create an extension to their house. However, most properties will have attic space which is perfectly suited to these kinds of transformation, adding real space and value to your home without the need to build outwards – the potential is already there.

For many larger building projects, planning permission will be required, however, often with loft conversions the same permissions aren’t needed for the relevant local authorities. Through using an experienced specialist in loft conversions, you’ll know that your in the know when it comes to what permissions are required and it’s part of our service to guide you through the process form the start to the completion of your project.

Get the potential from your home with a loft conversion to unlock what it can offer to your family and to realise its true market value. This is especially true of growing families, where the creation of new living space or perhaps a new bedroom is very welcome.

Alternatively, a loft conversion doesn’t need to be for living space. With the increasing trend of professionals working from home the new space that can be offered by a converted attic space can provide a sense of separation and quiet for work, allowing for a practical use of the space. With building work allowing for specific office features to be introduced into a home office, this is a great option for converting your loft space.

As well as interior loft spaces, unused roof spaces also offer a wealth of different possibilities when it comes to adding space to your home. From an extra bedroom to living or studying space, or even adding more utility or storage space within your house and freeing up space somewhere else, turning these roof areas into properly developed space can be a stunning opportunity.

Storage is a popular option as a use for loft space for those who don’t have the same height of space in their loft as in other living areas. With 2.4 metres being the recommended loft height for a domestic conversion. This doesn’t mean that the space can’t be practically converted into a space that’s easy for storage and pleasant to use. We work closely with our clients from start to finish to ensure the best possible outcome from the initial planning through to the completion and finishing touches of the project.

Berry Construction offers a very experienced team of specialists in their fields, working in Dorking and many of the surrounding areas. We’re very proud of our reputation for the quality of our work and the attentive service we offer. Make the most of the space available to you with a loft conversion from the team at Berry Construction.