Loft Conversion Raynes Park

It’s well noted that one of the central aspects of their property that most homeowners would like to change is adding space to their home. Within areas like Raynes Park and the South West area of London more generally, space is at a premium and a loft conversion is a smart way to introduce some more space into a property. Fortunately, the team at Berry Construction is here to assist with every aspect of the process.

The loft space is an aspect of a property which is sometimes overlooked by homeowners when it comes to adding extra living space, bedrooms space or a new bespoke area for storage. Rather than the complications and expense of building outwards when the cost of land in areas such as Raynes Park increases, a loft conversion is a great way to avoid external changes to a property.

A loft conversion is a great chance to expand a property for a growing family. This allows you the security of not having to move house in order to have enough space for your family to grow comfortably. As such, you can create new bedrooms in your house without needing to cause the upheaval of a property change and what it means for your commute and peace of mind.

The recent trend of professionals opting to work from home, with a greater number of freelancers and mobile workers than previously, means that having a functional space for home working can provide a real advantage not only to current inhabitants, but also adds a great deal of resale value in an areas like Raynes Park which is a desirable location for modern professionals and those working from home with families. As such, the creation of a purpose built office area within your property is a great way to use your loft space. Also, by adding this working space in the loft you’re able to create a proper sense of separation between work and the rest of your life.

City landscape views as well as the scenery out over Cannon Hill Common and other notable features of the area can add further value to a loft conversion in the district. Because of the elevated position of a loft conversion in your house, they enjoy the advantage of excellent views and this is another potential value contributor and key selling point if you are looking on putting your newly developed property on the market.

If you’re considering a loft conversion but have reservations about cost, viability or the potential complications of planning permission and other obstacles, then at Berry Construction we offer a free advisory meeting and visit, with no obligation attached. We’ll talk through the different options which are open to you and listen carefully to your ideas and ambitions for your space along with your needs and budget.

If you feel that your home might have planning complications attached then professional advice and guidance can make a real difference to the ease of your project. Our team has a wealth of experience in dealing with these kinds of cases and are always on hand to support you through the project form the initial paper work and design process through the building work and the finished project, making sure that you’re happy with the results and that your experience is as easy as possible.

At Berry Construction, we’re confident we can provide you with a rewarding outcome that makes a really positive difference to your home, either for you to live in or for resale value. Our track record speaks for itself, so why not have a look through some recent examples of our work on our site or speak to one of our team for more information on what we can do to transform your home.