Loft Conversions Banstead

It’s well known that one of the most common changes to their homes that many owners would like to make is to increase the amount of space in the property. This might be for an additional bedroom, living space or storage, but adding functionality and value to your property through more space is challenge which requires expert professional help and this is Berry Construction’s area of expertise. Loft conversions are a great, practical choice for creating extra space in your property as well as resale value.

Because of a multitude of different factors, such as commitments to work and family, often homeowners are deterred from looking at more drastic solutions such as completely moving property when it comes to solving the problem of space. As well as complicating your commute this is also known as an especially stressful experience. As such, it is little wonder many look to converting their current property as a more manageable option.

In an area like Banstead, with property prices and space at a premium, ground level extensions are far more complicated because of the external space which is required in order for these to be successfully realised. A loft conversion is a great alternative to exterior work and can still offer additional space and real value to a property, both in terms of the experience of those who live in the property and the increase in re-sale price.

Another advantage of the loft conversion is that they require considerably less complication on average. In terms of the planning permission required. Whilst listed buildings and those in conservation areas around Banstead might need extra consideration, the process is noticeably less complicated given that minimal exterior work is needed. As with all elements of the process, our team are here to offer the necessary guidance.

This is another of the reasons that a loft conversion can be a great way to maximise the value of your home. As your family grows, it makes sense that your property should expand to match. Even if you’re initially deterred by factors such as the size and height of your loft space, converting these spaces more effectively into storage areas can mean that space is freed up elsewhere in your property, allowing for the creation if additional bedrooms or living space there.

Given the growing trend of professionals working from home, a loft conversion can also offer a real chance to add working space in the form of a purpose built office. This also offers the advantage of a real sense of separation between the working space in the office and the rest of the house and allows for a quieter space for concentration and for keeping work documents and materials. With Banstead being a popular choice of location for those who split time between working in London and working from home, the addition of an office space through a loft conversion could also represent a great investment to add appeal to a property for a new buyer.

Another way to add space to your property without needing to expand its external ground floor space is through converting roof spaces. Additional living spaces and bedrooms can be built in space that is otherwise unoccupied in order to completely unlock the potential of a property without as many of the planning complications.

We’re very confident of the level of service and the quality of work and finish which we can offer. To find out more about the previous projects we’ve undertaken in the area and see some of the stunning results we’ve created, have a look through the Portfolio on our site. Alternatively, to learn more about the services we offer, or to see what we can do to transform your home why not get in touch with one of our team today. We offer a free consultation with no strings attached at the start of every project, so you can let us know your ambitions and needs, so get in touch to get the ball rolling and unlock your property’s potential.